Laser welding

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2023-07-25 14:41

Laser welding is a high-precision, high-efficiency welding technology. It uses the laser beam as a heat source, and by focusing the high-energy laser beam on the welded joint, it heats and melts instantly, and then cools and solidifies rapidly, thereby realizing the connection of metal materials.

Laser welding has many advantages. First of all, since the laser beam can be focused into a very small spot, laser welding can achieve high-precision welding, which is suitable for welding tasks with small dimensions and complex structures. Secondly, since only the heat source is in contact with the workpiece during laser welding, contamination and deformation of the material can be avoided, and the quality of the welded joint is higher. In addition, the laser welding speed is fast, the heat-affected zone is small, the weld density is high, and the welded joint is stronger.

Laser welding is widely used in many fields, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment manufacturing, aerospace industry, etc. It can be used to weld metal materials, plastic materials, and even dissimilar materials of various materials. With the continuous development of laser technology, the application prospect of laser welding will be broader.



Gantry laser cutting machine is a high-precision cutting equipment commonly used in metal material cutting.

Gantry laser cutting machine is a high-precision cutting equipment commonly used in metal material cutting. It adopts laser cutting technology, which can cut various metal materials quickly and accurately, with high efficiency and high quality cutting effect.


OCEAN LINK's latest automatic production line rolling platform laser cutting machine

The latest self-developed laser cutting machine integrated into an automatic production line rolling platform offers various advantages for the manufacturing industry. With its efficient and precise cutting capabilities, this cutting-edge machine significantly increases productivity and efficiency.


How to judge the cutting quality of laser cutting machine

Different cutting materials will also affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Under the same circumstances, the precision of cutting stainless steel and cutting aluminum will be very different, the cutting precision of stainless steel will be higher, and the cutting surface will be smoother.


What are the laser cutting machine processes?

During the laser gasification cutting process, the surface temperature of the material rises to the boiling point temperature so fast that it is enough to avoid melting caused by heat conduction, so part of the material is vaporized into steam and disappears, and part of the material is ejected from the bottom of the slit by the auxiliary gas The flow blows away. Very high laser powers are required in this case.


Laser cutting machine principle

Laser light is a kind of light, which, like other natural light, is produced by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions, etc.). But it is different from ordinary light in that the laser only relies on spontaneous radiation in the first very short time, and the subsequent process is completely determined by the excitation radiation, so the laser has a very pure color, almost no divergent directionality, and extremely high luminous intensity and high coherence.


Plasma tube integrated machine

The plasma plate and tube integrated machine is a device that uses plasma technology for surface treatment. By ionizing the gas into plasma and injecting it into the tubular workpiece, it realizes a process of cleaning, modifying, coating and other treatments on the surface of the workpiece. device. The following will introduce its principle, application fields, advantages and other aspects in detail.

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